A Synopsis of Open Source CRM Systems Free and Java Based

Free Open Source CRM Software

One gets Free CRM in two forms – free and open source CRM. The free version of the open source CRM software has limited features, enough to get going or if you are a small group of fewer than five people in the company. The CRM open source is free and has unlimited features. You must search and download the right files to get going.

Thus, you see open source has fully functional features but you need someone with the knowledge of software management to install and configure the free open source CRM software. Remember, open source software is extremely customizable which offers a good number of options for the user. Many of the open source online CRM companies will pre-configure a version that you may install and use but you must pay for it. What is the CRM system definition?

Choice of open source CRM Software

Employee customizing java open source crm softwareSo, this brings us to the question, which free open source CRM can I use? Here is the list of some of the best open source CRM software you may use. Note that each one of them comes with an upgrade version which users can opt for if they want. What is the best CRM software?

Insightly open source CRM free

This is highly recommended for new business entrepreneurs due to the high number if features. For the free version of the CRM software, they allow 2 users which remains good enough if yours is a small business. This is one of the best open source CRM for small business. The free storage space is 200 MB and you have support service from the online community. However, compared to the other free CRM software for small businesses, the number of contacts is only 2500. Other software offers unlimited contacts. Insightly is cloud-based and they offer you email marketing campaigns. The upgrade fee is an average $12 per user per month.

vtiger CRM open source free

You could call this as the best open source CRM software. The free storage in the vtiger CRM open source software remains unlimited, the A team using open source CRM systemsnumber of users remains unlimited and the number of contacts remains unlimited. Support is from the online community and that is good. And, what is more, you have self-hosting feature that allows you to control the features on your website. The upgrade fee is only $10 per user per month. Some users feel bad that the simple CRM open source software is not offered on the cloud. Further, they do not offer email campaigns but you can live with that since you can do your own campaigns.

Zoho Open Source CRM Software

Zoho CRM open source software is also a favorite among users due to the unlimited storage space and unlimited contacts they offer. This small business free CRM software has full-service support so you will get what you need by contacting them. Zoho CRM open source is cloud based but does not offer self-hosting. You can upgrade for $12 per user per month.


CRM open source on a laptopWritten in PHP and working with Microsoft SQL and MySQL Server databases, SugarCRM open source free CRM software is the leader in the field of CRM software. It has over 20,000 developers working on new versions and improving the system constantly. The hugely user-friendly knowledge base, user interface, self-service portal, dashboard and upgraded analytics make this CRM software aggressively oriented in the field of sales and commercial product marketing. They now want to develop the social aspect and make the social CRM more practical for the users.

Most popular ERP open source CRM software for small businesses

Enterprise Resource Planning is management software for business processes. This is one of the top open source CRM software available in the market. Here the organization integrates applications into the system so that it automates many back-office functions. It helps manage the business and helps administer various aspects related to manufacturing, development, product planning, sales, and marketing. The open source ERP CRM software integrates all facets of the operation and manages them in a single application from one database and a single user interface.             And the best among the CRM ERP open source software you find listed here.

  1.      Odoo
  2.     ERPNext
  3.     VIENNA Advantage Community Edition

More popular open source CRM software

The simple open source CRM software that many businesses use remains listed below. All these command a big part of the software market Open source crm solution on a mac or tabletthough the features are not all that one would want for their business. For beginners, though this open source CRM software free would serve as a starting point to explore the world of CRM software and find what one requires for their business.

  1.      Dynamics by Microsoft: This customer relationship management software is a promoted by Microsoft. Users can use it without any change for three core purposes – Sales, Service, and Marketing. If they feel the need they can customize the proprietary network that is .NET based. This ERP CRM open source has a Workgroup edition that is ideal for a single organization. They install all the server functions on one machine alone. Here you can use 5 CALs.

The Professional Edition open source sales CRM allow the use of unlimited CALs but the number of organizations remains at one. If you need to link more organizations, you need to use the Enterprise Edition. If you need to add Internal user requests, then you must opt for the Service Provider Edition.

  1.     Odoo by Odoo: The key features of Odoo CRM free open source are in the fields of lead assignment, lead generation, lead distribution, and lead scoring, along with providing mobile access and allowing data import and export. What this means is that you assign your own rules and decide how to score the leads. Use form builders and Search Engine Optimization tools to make online acquisitions.

Pipeline management is easy due to the simple interface where one just drags and drops items. You can decide on one of the two options of manual or automatic archiving of options. You can customize the stages as per your own free will. This helps you plan the next action for the next day or the next stage of the plan.

  1.     OneSoft Connect by OneSoft Connect: This cloud-based free CRM open source software offers a Free Plan, a Team Plan, and a Company Plan. If your team has only three or lesser number of members, then you can opt for the Free Plan. Among the open source CRM tools, you can use eight templates and use 100 MB of storage. The Team plan allows 49 users and they can use 15 templates. The storage allocation is 2 GB. The Company plan of this best CRM open source is for 1000 users or lesser. The allocated data sheets are 30 with 30 GB of online storage.

One can organize data using tags and use attachments for files. The can use a filter to bring up items that match the description. You can CRM ticketing system open source at homework with activities and set up dynamic alerts. Activities can include sending an email, calling a meeting, making a phone call, or attending to a repair or maintenance. You can use the templates to meet the essential business needs.

One can use the dashboard to customize the features of the open source CRM solutions. Use of icons, datasheet colors, and the company logo are some of the first things one does. Users have multiple roles and this gives them the access rights at any time. Any data that is not used at any time will remain encrypted.

  1.     M1 by ECi Software Solutions: The basic free version of the open source CRM systems software is useful for small businesses but the real use comes into play only through the upgraded versions. Small and medium-sized ventures that have plenty of made-to-order stock and repetitive orders will find this software useful. M1 CRM helps the business relationships to grow by improving the perspective of vendor and customer information. You can handle dealings efficiently distributors, direct and indirect sales channels, decisions from partners, service providers, and retailers. You have powerful analysis tools for business that helps you leverage the competitive advantage in business. It integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office so you have process control over your data, documents, and correspondences. By improving the simplicity of the business data, the M1 CRM open source CRM for small business helps you save time and make decisions fast.
  2.     ERPNext by Web Notes Technologies: ERPNext is the accounting software open source CRM for small business written in Python and JavaScript. This resembles Openbravo and Odoo and forms an alternative to QAD and NetSuite. It has these modules:
  1.      Purchasing
  2.     Point of sale
  3.      Human resource management
  4.     Asset management
  5.      Warehouse management system
  6.       Project management
  7.      Manufacturing division
  8.     Customer relationship management
  9.       Accounting
  10.       Management of sales

The best free open source crm is stress freeThe meta-modelling tools give flexibility to the software. This allows the users to make adaptations without the need for programming. The architecture is a Model-View-Controller type. Here are some special features:

  •        ERP has all DocTypes objects unlike the HTML DocTypes one sees normally.
  •        You can plug-in code from the server-side and the client-side.
  •        The client uses JSON data objects to interact with the server.

GitHub hosts the source code and handles the contributions.

  1.     XERP by Extreme Solutions: This is an ERP open source java CRM software that is open source. This means you own the code that you develop. You write it in C#POCO and XAML. The drawbacks in the business applications developed using C# and .NET was that the ERP solution using full code that could be adapted for users were not reasonably priced.

XERP comes through with the answer to this problem. You will develop this in C#, Simple MVVM toolkit, and WPF. It addresses many of the problems faced by Microsoft.Net.

  1.      Oasis by Merge Solutions: This is an ERP open source CRM application system you can buy as one whole package or as separate units meant for specific purposes. The CRM, Accounting, and E-commerce sections integrate and support their separate network built into the business framework. The Customer Portal and Website along with the ground support services and the Web store come under the E-commerce section. The Marketing, lead management, Sales Force Automation, Customer support, and Order management come under the CRM. The financials, inventory, payroll, purchasing, and shipping come under the accounting section.

The CRM system open source software does the auto-invoicing for the sales department to handle service contracts and work orders. You get order entry, quotes, customer communications from anywhere on the field so sales reps can take and use this information. You even have integration with Microsoft Exchange. Both the Premium and Enterprise editions have integration with the QuickBooks Pro so you can do the accounting easily. This is one of the answers to what is open source CRM. What is a CRM?

The lead capture eCommerce ability, customer portal, is given directly on your website. This way Oasis CRM software helps you function smoothly and improves the operating efficiency through order fulfillment and after-sales service. If your business now uses QuickBooks but has outgrown it, then the use of Oasis CRM software for small businesses will help you. What does crm stand for?

Open Source Java CRM SoftwareOpen source crm software free download for tablet or phone

We have many Java CRM open source software designed for specific purposes. Here is a look at some of the most in-demand Java open source CRM software in use today:

SourceTap CRM software

This is one of the free open source software for small business concerns. This extremely adaptable software is an ideal Sales Force Automation (SFA) tool that proves helpful at the field level and the office level of implementation. In incorporates all the standard SFA features such as opportunity management, managing accounts, and lead management, SourceTap CRM software helps improve the profit of the organization by putting a plan in place for adapting to the market conditions. This helps the management adjust as per the economic factors and change much ahead of schedule.  The key sales management features are as follows:

  •        Increased number of the closing of deals: Since the open source CRM small business software allows the sales reps to see their fellow agents on the field, they can plan their deals with their customers effectively.
  •        Collaborative customer management is more consistent: Secure access in real-time to the databases helps thorough communication with team partners. This helps you manage the customer responses and close the deal fast. All the email and correspondences are on hand so that you can refer to them and make the proper decision when the time is right.
  •        Better forecast ability: Updating the sales pipeline continually helps the team know the status at any time. This allows the managers to give the resources in time and in sufficient quantity.
  •        Customize sales cycles: The features of the software are such that the manager of the team can allow extra leeway for those who wish to conduct meetings or flag new opportunities. Or, he could assign new tasks and update customer files on the run as another one of his open source CRM solutions.
  •        Get market prediction statement: The reporting system of SourceTap is easy to analyze. By reviewing the sales data, and comparing the present scene with the historical data, one can see changes in customer behavior as well as note shifts in key market pointers.

As we can see, the varying features of the open source CRM ERP software make it hard to find one that suits all applications. Depending on the need of the business, one must find and use the CRM software so it has most benefit. You may not find this possible in the first try itself, so one must try two or three and then decide on the best one for their business. Read more CRM software reviews here.